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Welcome to The ICA Network - TheICANetwork

The Internet Customer Acquisition Network Team

Smartphone Mobile Marketing

The ICA Network - ICANetwork (Internet Customer Acquisition Network)provides cost-effective cellular promotion alternatives and mobile marketing solutions for local businesses and companies. (and It's cheaper and much more affordable than we thought and you would ever believe!)

Check out how we can help develop your business and grow your customer base with a guaranteed first page position and Ranking on Google®, your own personalized Smartphone App / Mobile Friendly Website tailored to your needs and business, “mobile friendly” website conversions, and more!

Mobile Marketing is the new Web 3.0... It's like the "web website rush" in the beginning of New Millennium. If you want to remain competitive, you need to and must get in now before the window of opportunity closes.

Best of all, with us you don't need to pay a developer to create an App to give your customers or clients. Application creation, customization, and updating is all done through a GUI (simple web based interface). Your customers or clients simply download your app, and your App icon is on their smartphone's home screen forever... so your customer can launch your App instantly!

Combined with our FREE SMS broadcast system (you can send unlimited SMS Text Messages to your subscribers at no additional charge!), use your apps to announce specials, coupons, daily deals, or simply provide general info about your business. It is so simple to update your app and send a text notice that your entire mobile marketing strategy can be had for an incredibly low price!

Plus, ICAN offers an opportunity for resellers that is unheard of in the referral marketing industry. The ICA Network has the most profitable and generous compensation plan on the planet. Pocket huge commission checks monthly - even weekly!

To recap, you'll receive all this:

* Your Own Mobile Website App and Free Unlimited Text Messages to all your Subscribers...

* Optimized Local Search Engine Ranking for Your Website...

* Guaranteed First Page Ranking for Your Business on Google® within 90 days...

* Conversion of Your Website to a Mobile Friendly Version...

* 100% Free SMS Text Blasts

* Now you can have your very own Smartphone App for your business up and running in minutes that your customers carry on their phones at all times... with Free Unlimited Text Messages to all of your Members, Customers, Subscribers... and even friends. It's not just an App, it's your own Complete Mobile-Friendly Website. Plus, your custom App and Mobile Website is not just for business. It's for associations, organizations, families, and even just to keep in touch with your friends in an instant. How would you like it, if you could try it free for 30 days?

* Cash in with Web 3.0 (Smart Phone Applications) - Join Our Team and Earn Commissions Numerous Ways... Bonuses, Monthly, plus Residual for Life!

Check out the latest from ICAN... The ICA Network - QR Code Generator and Virtual Business Cards (vCards)

Now Available... Facebook Management System

Facebook Page Management System

So take advantage of the most profitable and rewarding pay plan on the planet with ICAN (ICA Network)at...

The Internet Customer Acquisition Network - The Internet Customer Acquisition Network

Talk with you soon,
Bill Straub - ICANetwork Founder

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Together We Earn

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Four Corners Alliance Group Financial Independence Building System

Four Corners Alliance Group Wealth Creation System
Catch YOUR Vision of Financial Independence

Four Corners Alliance Wealth Creation System

Earn Multiple Streams of Income with NO Out-of-Pocket cost!

This is a Team Build unlike anything you have seen before.

Never, in all my years, have I met people who are
so successful, committed, and willing to give such
an unbelievable opportunity to you. We're asking
people to help us find people who want or need
financial help.

We've committed to providing over 5,000 people
with a very lucrative and unbelievable opportunity
that gets you on your way to earning multiple
income streams at NO COST to you. If you are
someone who could use more money or some extra
money, then this is for you and we are NOT asking
you to pay a penny out of your pocket.

Plus you'll receive information on Financial
Literacy, Investing, Credit Card Debt and other
Debt, Identity Theft, Real Estate, Generational
Wealth Creation, etc.

Get all the details at the video here!

You'll receive Weekly Pay and Monthly Residual
Income with several payment options including
instant Real-Time payment onto your Debit Card 

and ACH - Direct Deposit (USA only). Other
payment options include SolidTrust Pay and
International Bank Wire.

The Downline Building Club is taking care of
everything for you... The Downline Building Club
is building your downline for you and getting you
into profit fast... The Downline Building Club is
showing you step-by-step exactly how to leverage
your time, your effort, and your money into a Life
Changing Income... and all you have to do is sign
up, verify your email, and tells us where to send
your money?

and NO SPONSORING REQUIRED, but we do have
a 100% Matching Bonus on your Weekly Pay and
Monthly Residual Income if you want to sponsor or
refer members (referring and sponsoring is 100% 
completely optional for you or any other members).

Get all the details at the video here!

To get started, just click here...

To your future,

Bill Straub

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