Friday, August 27, 2010

UBIEE SEO Pro Search Engine Optimization & Multi-Domain Publishing Platform

It has been a while and I've been very busy, but I've decided what domain to put my blog on… now I have to find a better web host. The web host I'm using now has all options and features I want, but they have had a lot of downtime the last three months and that scares me... so now I'm looking for web hosting that has all the features and options I want and need, but doesn't have a lot of downtime. I can live with a little downtime (we all can), but my sites being down for hours at a time and multiple times is just intolerable. I lost over 30 hours continuous hours in just one downtime period. Okay, enough about hosting...

I just wanted to give you a little insider-info about what I've been doing with UBIEE SEO Pro or USP for short and give you a few examples of what I've already done with UBIEE SEO Pro URLs, UBIEE SEO Pro Personal Domains, UBIEE SEO Pro SUPERsplash Pages, and the UBIEE SEO Pro Multi-Domain Rotator System.

Here are two of my domains that weren't being utilized. I was just paying for them, not using them and trying to figure out how to capitalize on them (they weren't even ranked by Alexa before I added them as UBIEE SEO Pro Personal Domains, now after adding them to UBIEE... both domains are ranked in Alexa's top one million sites out of more than twenty-six million sites and I really just started to push them). btw - they are not only you're domains, but they are also your personal rotators that you can keep private or you can open them to the public if you wish... anyway here are the domains -

UBIEE SEO Pro Personal Domain and UBIEE SEO Pro Personal Domain

and here are my two favorite examples of a UBIEE SEO Pro URL or USP UBIEE SEO Pro URL

Also, here are two examples of a UBIEE Super Splash Page or USsP UBIEE SUPERsplash Page

that are located on this USP Multi-Domain Rotator or UBIEE SEO Pro Multi Domain Rotator along with over 900 other domains, I won't bother putting the exact number of domains as we're always adding domains to the system. Now what that means is that one of my urls (my choice) is now Search Engine Optimized and rotating on over 900 domains. Where else can you do that except for on the UBIEE SEO Pro Search Engine Optimization & Multi-Domain Publishing Platform?!

Well that's it for now, I just wanted to give you a few examples of what is possible with the UBIEE SEO Pro Search Engine Optimization and Multi-Domain Publishing Platform. You can take USP UBIEE SEO Pro for a test drive now and we'll even pay you to login daily and experience or great system. Try UBIEE SEO Pro today at no charge and see what is possible for you.

Brought to you by an Official UBIEE SEO Pro Agency.

btw - when I do put up or self-host my blog, at least I'll have all this info backed up on,,, and other places. LOL

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